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Hair care review: Curls, coils and styles


Today I’m bring you my little mix of magic that I use on my children’s hair but more predominantly, on my daughter’s hair. Afro hair is beautiful, especially when it is looked after. My children have two different hair textures/types but that doesn’t mean I cannot care for them and manage them together.


My son’s hair is the typical 4c tight curl hair pattern which can look ‘tough’ when not taken care of properly. Luckily for him and me, he cuts his hair regularly so we don’t have to really deal with detangling and all the other things that come with having longer hair. My daughter on the other hand has a softer hair type with looser curls. She was born with a head full of beautiful soft curly hair and it has stayed that way ever since, only growing in length. As a baby, I found her hair a bit unmanageable as it was so silky that no plaits would stay in. As soon as I attempted to braid her hair, it would come undone- it was so frustrating. With time and patience, I started studying her hair and looking for products that would help me to maintain the beautiful mane she was bestowed with from birth as well as help me keep those braided ends sealed.


I originally used Johnson’s baby shampoo for my children’s hair from birth as you do, you know. I soon realised that it was rather making their hair a bit drier than usual so I searched the market and did some research on shampoo products and came across the Cantu range for kids. I had used the Cantu range on myself and loved how gentle they were on the hair so I purchased one of the kids shampoo from my local hair supply store and the rest is history. I love this shampoo. It lathers up so well and feel lovely, which makes washing hair a dream. A little goes a long way so need to empty half a bottle for one wash like some other products. It has sweet scent but it is not overpowering which I like and it is free from parabens, sulphates and all those chemicals that dry out the hair and strip it of it’s natural oils. This also means that the shampoo does not sting my children’s eyes (absolute bonus if you know about crying hair wash times!). The packaging is clean, clear and simple. No fuss, no gimmicks. It does a good job, leaves my children’s hair soft and clean and ready for the next step.


Now for my son, we would just use the shampoo and that would be it for him. My daughter’s hair on the other hand requires a bit more work. I mentioned she has soft curly hair and boy do those curls know how to tangle when they are ready. As her hair grew in length, it became a bit harder to detangle so I figured I needed a detangling conditioner and I came across the above – Aunt Jackie’s…….. This conditioner is ah-may-zing!!! After the first use I was sold! This thick, rich conditioner smells amazing, softens her hair, helps the detangling process become a lot smoother and adds body back to her hair. I used it generously on her hair and comb through. If she will allow, then I put a shower cap on her hair whilst giving her a bath to really let the product sink in. Once it has had it’s time, I simply rinse and dry the hair. This product is a must if you are having wash day hair battles due to tangling/detangling. It makes the process a lot easier, less tears and end result looks fantastic!


So moisture is very important for afro hair and children’s hair is no exception. For this I have a range of products that I use to add moisture to my children’s hair and to keep it soft and manageable. Firstly, a moisturiser is important for our hair care routine as it helps seal in the moisture in my daughters hair while I put it in a simple protective hairstyle until i’m ready to braid it. I use the Aunt Jackie’s hair moisturiser because again it helps to keep my daughter’s hair soft and aids with the air drying process. It is thick and rich but to not heavy or too greasy that it will weigh down her hair. I know that if I want to add another product after using this I can because the hair is not weighed down with too much product already.

When we get to the braiding process (a complete nightmare as she hates having her hair done), I use the Dax Coconut oil hair cream with vitamin E. I also use this on my son. It has a light scent and is very thick in consistency so using it sparingly is advisable. Once it hits the warmth of your hand/scalp it starts to melt into it’s oil form which makes it easier to penetrate the scalp. It adds a lovely sheen to the hair and helps to keep the hair moisturised for at least a week before I would have reapply some to the hair. It does the job but I am still open to another hair cream if I find one that works better.


The last item is a recent discovery. It is the Cantu Styling Custard for kids. I needed a product that would help tame my daughters edges when her hair got a bit old. I ended up picking this baby up and soon realised it wouldn’t do much for her edges but would definitely help with sealing the ends of her hair and helping hairstyles to last a bit longer.

So there you have it. My review on my go to products that I use for my kiddie’s hair and how I use them. I hope this has help some of the mum’s out there who may be a bit daunted by the mass of hair care products on the market and not knowing what to choose from. This is what works for myself and my children but there is no harm in giving something a go. You never know, it might work for you too!

Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


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