Mummy Time

Broken to ashes, arise like a Phoenix

Broken. I have definitely been broken. Broken in the past and even this year. 2016 started as a year full of hope and expectation, but as we know all too often life gets in the way and it becomes so easy to give up and give in. So today, I am going to talk about being broken and rising up into your destiny.

I say broken metaphorically because when we go through life and it’s issues we definitely can feel broken. Whether it is heart broken, emotionally broken, mentally broken and even physically broken we all experience it at some point. In the midst of that season it is easy to feel like hope is lost and everything you hoped for, wished for has become nothing before your eyes. Just like dust.

I certainly have felt moments of brokenness this year and as I entered into this month (December) I found myself lost. I was suddenly full of so many questions. Questions about myself, who I am, what my real purpose is, my role as a mother, my business plans and all the other aspects of my life. There have definitely been moments this month where I have felt like giving up hope and accepting that what I see in front of me is my reality. But deep down I knew that there has to be more to life. Am I really going to settle for what 2016 has dealt me or am I going to push through and rise out of the ashes into my destiny? That was the question I had to sit down and ask myself.

Life will sometimes try to get your attention with the situations your are going through and the challenges that you are facing. For me, I believe God has been trying to get my attention for me to see the bigger picture. I just couldn’t see what He wanted me to see because of the noise and distraction. Sometimes we cannot see beyond our present even when we have been given a dream or vision. The struggle(s) that we face on the road reaching our destiny sometimes seems to hard to bear and ultimately it appears easier to give up and settle. Taking the time to be still, sit down and look at the situation at hand openly will reveal what the lesson to be learnt is and how to move forward from it. It may not take one moment but several. However, once that moment clicks and the lightbulb moment happens you will realise that the picture is all bigger than what you saw to begin with.

Instead of settling I chose to fight, to restore my hope and press on. I must admit it hasn’t been an easy decision as I wanted to wallow in pity and sadness at what I had become, what my life had become. Listening to a crucial sermon by First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts definitely helped to restore my faith. Reading the story of Job, writing in my journal and just pouring my heart out/praying has all been part of my healing process. Doing things such as these, finding a quiet moment to meditate and pray, thinking things through and release all the negative energy weighing you down is so essential to letting go and allowing new and positive energy to fill that space.


Once you find that happy place again, full of renewed hope, faith and vigour you will be ready to face the world head on with a fire of passion. Life is a decision everyday to either give up and be broken, broken down to ashes, to nothing or to rise up and fight for what you want to see. I tell you it is so easy, so very easy to give up, but strength comes from choosing to fight and press on. We will all be broken at some point. Will you stay broken in the ashes or will you rise up like a Phoenix, glorious, in awesome beauty and wonder at how it is possible and chase after your destiny.

Jesus died and rose again just like a Phoenix that we might have life and be renewed. What will you choose today? I choose to rise.

Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


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