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Trust and Obey

Sounds a bit extreme right? Let me explain. I have been going through the throws of having a dream, a vision, a business plan, but have been struggling to see how it will come to life. You see I put in a little work when I get the chance to – not an easy task with two children under 5 to tend to. However, when I get a moment and I look on social media, I find myself comparing where I am in my journey and if I am doing enough. Now I know that I posted a few weeks ago about not doing this, but I am only human and I know what I need to do to check these thoughts and feelings.

I sat down for a few hours and wondered ‘is this what I left my job for?’ I was starting to not only feel behind in my journey, but also stuck being a SAHM (stay at home mum). Not that there is anything bad with that at all. I just have this tugging feeling inside which keeps reminding me that there is goal that I need to achieve, a seed that has been planted and needs to be nurtured.

So who and what do I trust and obey? Simple answer for me is God. My direction was drifting slightly because I was basing all my decisions on what I wanted. I felt like all I had been doing was for selfish gain and not really helping the group of people my brand is actually directed at. So I sat down and wrote in my journal all my thoughts and feelings. Then I realised that to bring my vision to life, I have to trust God and obey what ever direction He takes me in. I know what He wants me to do I just have to trust Him to take me down the right path and listen when I need help and guidance.

Some of you may not believe, but I do believe. I believe that God has put us all here and given us all a purpose and a destiny to fulfil. It is not easy, especially with all the distractions and noise around us and so easily accessible. But if we take the time out to stop listening, comparing, coveting what we see and hear, we will view our purpose and destiny a lot clearer, sharper than ever before.

So from today, I am going to trust and obey.

Until next time,


Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


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