Mummy Essentials: 15 min makeup



Before & After

Hey lovelies! I do hope you are all well and the November chill isn’t being too much of a nuisance to your day. We are gonna talk makeup today ;D. Specifically quick, fast makeup for that early morning rush. You know, those mornings when you are rushing to get everything and everyone ready and be out the door on time, but you suddenly remember that you haven’t done your face. It happens to me all the time. Fear not! I have a few quick products and tips that will have you going from drab to fab and looking like you again in no time.

Brows and Skin


So I am sure you all know the good old  morning cleanse, tone and moisturise mantra, so I will skip that and get to it. I always start with eyebrows. A key feature that frames our face when we pay attention to them. I use my eyebrow pencil/crayon in a dark brown colour to fill in the sparse spaces in my brows and add a little more definition. No scouse brows here though! 😀

Secondly, I use my concealer to cover my dark circles/ under eye bags (those never go away when you have children and no sleep). I also use it to cover any blemishes, marks and scarring on my face to help even out my skin. For some, they can do this step and get away with just that but I have combination/oily skin so I have to go a step further.

To complete a seamless but quick base, I go in with a compact face powder and gently apply it all over my face which gives me a nice even base to work with.

Lashes, Cheeks and Lips


A little side glow!


Once I have dealt with all the blemishes and given my skin a once over, I move on to the other features of the face. Using mascara opens up the eyes and I find it makes me look a little less tired. I usually apply one coat on both top and bottom lashes, but you can apply more if you desire. My eyes at this point will have opened up a little more and it creates a little drama too.

For blusher I use a warm golden, rosey colour. I love the blush I am using at the moment by Sleek makeup. It is two-toned so it doubles as a highlighter and not just a blush. So I can have that highlight poppin’ and still have some colour in my face to make me look alive!

Last but not the least are lips. We can never forget the lips. We never want to be caught with chapped and cracking lips so this is a big essential. With the colour in the blusher and drama in the eyes, you could easily use a tinted lip balm or clear gloss and you would be good to go. However, if you want a bit of colour like I do, I go for a nude/pinkey lip gloss to go on the lips and it just pulls the look together. Et Voila! Your face is done and you are ready to roll.

I love how quick and easy this look is. We all want to look glam or a little done up when we are going out for the day. For some of us this is even an expectation from our places of work. It takes little time and not much effort – I mean who has time for contour, strobing and all that stuff in the morning with kids?! Quick and easy and fits all budgets too.

I hope you found this helpful. I know what it is like to sit in your car/ on the bus and realise you forgot yourself in the midst of the chaos, but it is doable and it can be done anywhere so long as you have a mirror. So give it a try and see the difference it makes to your day, your mood and your smile 🙂

Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


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