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I let it go….


Lately I have been going through a whole host of emotions, a bit like a rollercoaster ride as some would say. At times I have been elated, full of positivity and other times, just down right out and down. Why? Well, I gave in my resignation. After weeks and months of speculation and a huge internal battle within me, I finally took that leap of faith.

I had just gotten to a point where the job was almost ruling me. I lost the passion and drive to do well in the role and my heart just wasn’t in it anymore. When you get to that stage it can be very dangerous and for me, when I stopped caring about whether I was doing things right or no, I knew that was my que to leave.

So what do I do now? In all honesty, not much has happened since I left the world of banking. I have been able to spend more time with my children, give them the attention and love they always crave, while trying to rediscover who I am again. I have been to interviews for jobs for a short interim period but nothing has come of them so far and wanting to push my business forward has been a slow start.

I still remain hopeful though through it all and I know that God’s plan and timing are the best. I know that I really needed to get out of that working environment but what I didn’t expect was to be really shown how much I try to control my life in all aspects. I am learning the art of truly surrendering my worries, anxieties and cares unto God and rest assured that He will work it out for me. That isn’t to say that I have become complacent though. I do know that faith without works is dead, so I am trying hard to do my part too.

Sometimes, we question whether or not a decision taken was the right one or if we should even take it all. But, if we sit back for long enough we will realise that a drastic shift in whatever the circumstance may be is usually a big indication that there needs to be a change or that it is well on its way.

I hope this didn’t bore you too much. Just some thoughts floating around in this head of mine. It’s definitely been a tough month for me but through it all l remain positive and hopeful that better days are yet to come.

Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


One thought on “I let it go….

  1. Good on you for recognising this and actually doing something about it! Yes, it is definitely a leap of faith! Unfortunately, for me, it took me years to be able to finally take a step back and take an objective point of view on how negatively my working life was effecting other areas of my life – relationship, friends, family. My relationship especially suffered. I was ‘drowning’ but couldn’t see it for myself. Once I let it go and moved on, I was able to reassess my values and goals once more and realign myself with reality. Wow! I love your writing and how clear and concise your message is. Please keep it up – I enjoy reading your blog posts 🙂

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