And they said No!

Hello lovely readers, followers, ladies and gents. Can we believe that we are in the last few days of September?! Where is this year really running to? It’s almost October!

Anyway, I posted previously that I will document my journey of moving into the beauty industry careerwise. So today will be a catch up on what has been going on. I told you all that I went for a trade test with a very well known make up brand and was awaiting their decision. Well, I got that answer a couple of days ago and they said No.

I must admit that I knew within me that I had not got the job. You know when you can feel people’s body language, you can almost tell from their faces what they are thinking. That was what happened to me at the end of my trade test. However, the rest of the process was very unclear and almost unprofessional. I was not told when someone would get back to me with a decision and I actually had to chase them up with emails almost 3 weeks later to find out what was going on! Not impressed.

This has not deterred me to keep going and press on towards my aims and goals though. I am still working towards establishing my business and this closed door served as motivation for me to try again. It also inspired me to take a second look at my reasons for starting my business idea, wanting to move into the beauty industry and who my intended clientele is. From this, I realised I had sort of steered off course, but I am back and better equipped.

I just want to use this post to encourage someone not to give up on their dreams. One shut door is not the end. That ‘No’ that you received is just stopping you from entering into something that is not meant for you. Sometimes a set back as we perceive it, is a setup for something better. It may mean going back to the drawing board, reviewing and assessing the situation and where it stands, but you will always bounce back stronger.

Maybe I wasn’t ready for that environment. Maybe I would not have fit in. Who knows. I firmly believe that, that opportunity that did not yield anything was not meant for me. I learnt a few lessons along the way, which is always a good thing. So now I can look back over it, learn from it and move on.


Now I await to see where my journey will take me next. Hopefully it will be to an opened door of victory 😀


Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo



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