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Hey lovely ladies and gents! It has been a little minute since my last post. The cooler weather and back to school has brought on the ‘dreaded cold’, so I have been a little under the weather. Trying to nurse myself back to good health while looking after two little ones isn’t the easiest, but I have been doing my best. I’m sure there will be many more colds and flu’s, coughs and sneezes to come as we head into the winter months and more so when there are children around. So I thought I would post about what I have been doing to get back to the old me.


Now I know that not everyone is a believer of vitamin supplements and even I have a love/hate relationship with them, but a recent trip to the GP revealed I was ‘a little vitamin D insufficient’. Now that the sun is saying goodbye to us, I will definitely need to be topping up my vit D supply. But, being under the weather I also needed an extra boost to my  immune system, so I’m using a Seven Seas supplement that contains your vitamins B, C, D and Zinc and Iron with Cod Liver Oil. It has definitely helped me stay upright and continuing with school runs and errands.


As soon as I get a whiff of a cold I know that it is time for soup! Good old chicken soup to be exact. Being from an African family, we always cook with pepper for spice and my soup is no exception. Drinking chicken soup, made with tomatoes, chicken, ginger and pepper always brings me some comfort and much needed relief when I am unwell. The ginger and pepper definitely have their uses to help battle colds, coughs and flu. I carried on like a soldier when my cold had taken about 80 per cent control and made a soup for myself and my children. I must say it has definitely been hitting the spot and working it’s magic! Chicken soup is said to be a good remedy for a cold and from my experience I will definitely recommend making a chicken soup to your taste when the ‘cold’ strikes.

Ginger tea

I really reach for this when I need some relief for my sore throat or when I get that annoying feeling at the back of your nose/throat at the beginning stages of a cold. I do sometimes make it from scratch which is even better and natural, but if you can’t get your hands on fresh ginger, then I would say go for the pre-packaged ones. Most don’t contain much sugar and do have a bit of a kick. The one I use is one I buy from my local Chinese supermarket and has quite a bit of a kick to it so it definitely soothes a sore throat.


I typically get a cold and it becomes borderline flu. It comes with the headaches, aches and pains, sore throat and more often than not I loose my voice (maybe cos I’m always having to talk to the kids, lol). There are only two medications that I swear by when I get attacked and they are Night Nurse and Benylin cold and flu capsules – can be purchased at any good pharmacy. I have been through a plethora of meds and these two are my Holy Grail! Night Nurse, I would recommend when you can get a night of undisturbed sleep and you are completely drained as it knocks you out. I take the Benylin tablets during the day so that I get relief and a bit of strength to get through daily tasks. If you ever have to try any medication, try these. They really do work ;D

Honey and Lemon Tea

Last but not the least. The age old natural remedy for colds. I tend to drink it at nights with some medication for relief. I also like to think that it helps the medication kick in quicker. The honey soothes the soreness and inflammation and the lemon gives that much needed vitamin C  to the immune system to help fight the cold. Nothing like a good old brew is there?

So, those are a few of my tips and tricks to nurse a troublesome cold this autumn/winter and have helped me time and again. I hope that you can take away something new or different and add it to you arsenal of remedies when the dreaded cold/flu strikes.

Don’t forget to layer up and wrap up warm when it is cold, wash those hands and STAY AWAY from infected people. LOL!

Until next time,


Ohemaa Beauty xo




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