Just Being Mummy!

Terrible Three’s…?

Is there really such a thing? I mean I know that the ‘terrible two’s’ definitely exist. I have been there and done that. Even have the t-shirt to prove it. But, I just cannot get my head round my son and his behaviour this summer.

Now I know that tantrums and melt downs are the norm for children of this age, but my son really knows how to have the ultimate melt down at the most inconvenient of times. As I write this post, we have just gotten over a 30 minute melt down over him not being able to go to his grandma’s house after nursery. Ending a phone call between him and my mother resulted in screaming (more like a dinosaur roaring ‘MUMMAY!’), snot, tears, throwing himself all over the floor, the full works. The screaming. Well, he screams like I am torturing him with some medieval mechanism. Enough to make me wonder what my neighbours are thinking is going on with him. I hope they really do understand the struggle is real out here with these toddlers.

Is it just my son that usually finds the most inconvenient moments to strike and embarrass me to the highest degree?! He doesn’t care if it is in the supermarket, on the roadside, at a friends house or in the market. Most times I feel like crying ‘I’m a parent, get me out of here! I’m sure a lot of you parents out there can relate to what I am talking about.

 I mean does ‘terrible three’s’ really exist? Because I really do think that it should be made official and put in all those parenting books that are supposed to pre warn us parents about what is to come once our children pass that 12 month milestone. Meanwhile, it is approaching bed time for my two little one’s and my son is sat beside me like an angel, watching a children’s program as if nothing ever happened! 🙂

You’ve gotta love ’em.

Just know that I sympathise with all you parents our there and to those who are yet to join the club, just use this post a little training.

Until next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo

p.s. scarymommy.com puts terrible three’s in the most humorous way. Have a read and have laugh!



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