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Hello September!


Hey girls and guys! Can you believe we are in September??!! This year definitely has whizzed past and I’m not quite sure I got to really enjoy the summer season. I hope you all go to do some interesting and adventurous things this summer though.

September. The welcoming of the Fall/Autumn season. When the air starts to feel a little more crisp and chilled. Leaves start to turn and change from that luscious green to golden brown. The start of the new academic year and back to work for all the holiday makers. The summer clothes start getting packed away and the jackets and heavier clothing comes out to play. Fashion makes a big shift once again and the dark, bold lip look makes it reappearance – Yes!  A month of transition and change in so many areas of life, that is September.

I wouldn’t say I love the autumn, but I definitely do appreciate the change. After dealing with heatwaves, melting makeup and sweaty bodies, I appreciate the coolness that comes with September. For me it is a time when I am always reminded of new beginnings. Times such as starting school (especially secondary school) and going back to work after a much needed break are what stand out to me the most. For me September signifies starting afresh with new energy, zeal and passion.

It is also the month of harvest. A time when animals and humans start to gather all that is needed for the cooler months ahead and preparing for what is to come. This action of harvest is very significant. Harvest and preparation go hand in hand and making sure we are ready physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is key to getting through this month of transition, so that we can approach whatever the new season brings with renewed strength and determination.

I am looking forward to new starts, new beginnings and learning new things. Getting out my heavier jackets and clothing, being able to sleep more comfortably (instead of batting the duvet with the heat). I look forward to experimenting with autumnal makeup and colours, trying new skincare products, changing my look and the change in foods too. I can always feel when the seasons are changing, but never really take time to enjoy the change. Perhaps this year I will take my time and make a conscious effort to enjoy the change rather than wishing for another summer to come.

What does September mean for you? What does the autumn/fall season bring into your life? Do you enjoy or resist the change? Do you harvest for what is to come in this last part of the year? What do you enjoy most or dislike about this time of year? I have told you mine, go on and tell me yours. ;D

Blessings and love this September,

Ohemaa Beauty  xo


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