Skincare 101: attack the breakouts

Today we a talking about all things skin. My skin has really been through it these last 3 weeks or so. It was almost like my face was under attack, especially my forehead. So I had to make a conscious effort to ‘attack the breakouts’ in hope that my skin would somewhat return to normal. So, here are my few products I have been loving and have helped with great improvements with my skin.


1. Oils of Light – The Body shop

So this product I actually stumbled across by a sort of accident. I first received it as a sample from a previous purchase at the Body Shop but never really used it until a few weeks ago. The serum is very lightweight and is not oily or sticky, which is a huge plus from me. It goes on the skin so well and seeps into the skin quickly so you hardly feel it but you know it is working. It makes my moisturiser go on so smoothly. My skin feels baby soft/smooth when I use it and I definitely see a glow in my skin. It has actually helped with my darks spots/scarring. I have noticed they have gotten a bit light. This serum rocks!

2. Clearasil Daily Clear Cleanser

With my skin going haywire, I thought I might need a new cleanser. So on a trip to my local supermarket I picked this cleanser up. I must admit I saw salicylic  acid and thought that is good enough, but this cleanser has turned out to be quite good. It is not over powerful and does not dry out my skin, yet after use my face feels clean and clear. The light yet fresh scent is amazing, especially in the mornings! If you are looking for a gentle cleanser that won’t break the bank but does the job well, I would give this a try. Not to mention I got it on offer for £2 which was a bonus!! ;D

3. Clean and Clear spot treatment gel

Now this was a much needed product for me! The way my forehead was suffering with the spots that had made my forehead home was unbelievable! The spots were painful, red and very angry and I needed something to help soothe them and reduce them. This product was a saviour! After using it a few days my outbreak definitely died down and I saw massive improvement. The gel is a bit cloudy when you first squeeze but applies and dries on the skin clear. It is cool on contact which is good for those angry red spots as it gives a bit of relief from the pain and it is oil free. It says it can be worn on its own or under make up, but I wouldn’t advise wearing makeup when a breakout is bothering you as it can make the situation worse.

4. Seaweed Oil Balancing toner

This toner was actually recommended to me by one of the lovely assistants in the Body Shop. It is very refreshing and sure does take away any last traces of stubborn dirt or make up that your cleanser didn’t catch! I use this twice a day (when I remember in the evenings) and it is very good. It doesn’t sting or make my skin feel tight, even though it is supposed to be an ‘oil balancing’ product. What I love about it is that it gives a clean finish to the skin and preps it ready for moisturising. It also boasts of using natural seaweed from Iceland so you can be assured of good nutrients going on your skin.

For me, all these product complement each other in my skin regime and have really helped to combat the outbreak I had. What caused it? I don’t particularly know, but I have a sneaky feeling that stress and hormones played quite a big part in it all. If you are having any problems, do give one or some of these products a try. I personally believe that you do not have to spend a fortune for something to be good. Don’t forget, a balanced diet, exercise and looking after your wellbeing are all equally important too.

Hope this helps someone out there in their battle with the spots.

Till next time,


Ohemaa Beauty xo





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