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To take the plunge or not???


Hello ladies, gents, friends and readers! How is the week treating you so far? I find that the days and weeks are literally just flying past me and I am missing out on so much in life. Where is the time going? Am I the only one who feels like they are not making the most out of life?!

Well, today I will be talking about an issue that has really been pressing on my mind and heart for months now. Every day I wake up, every time I think about it, I feel an overwhelming urge that I need to do something about it. What is it? It is quitting my job to pursue a career and life in something I am very much passionate about – Beauty and Nails.

I currently work in the banking industry, but have gained a level 2 qualification in Beauty Therapy along with education in other specific treatments. When I studied Beauty Therapy, I had a plan to eventually start my own business. I had it all planned out and knew exactly what I was working towards. However, life happened and since then I have had two babies who require me to be a ‘sensible’ mum and work to provide for their needs. Providing for my children and being able to pay my bills is what pushed me to go back to my job after each maternity leave.

So why now? I have worked in my current role for 5 years and I have just simply lost the zeal and drive I had when I joined the company. There is too much ‘office politics’ and drama, not to mention my team are just being used and treated like we are just spare parts, while still being expected to perform and deliver. Feeling constant pressure and unhappiness and suffering with anxiety when going to work has made me want to quit all the more, so that I don’t come home grumpy and stressed to my children, so that I don’t dread Mondays and the days I am at work, so that I can work in a job I love and enjoy and get maximum satisfaction out of while helping others feel good about themselves. To be honest, I am just tired of my job and I need out!

I have tried to work my beauty business as a side gig, but I feel like I cannot give one hundred per cent to it as I am always worrying about having to be mentally ready for my day job. So what do I do? As I said, the urge to quit has been pressing on me for months now and fear of leaving the stability of a salary while having responsibilities has made me talk myself into staying in my job time and again. However, I think I have finally come to a place of wanting to put that fear aside and take the plunge and go for it. I have prayed on it and I keep getting the answer that I don’t trust God enough to help me take this step into the unknown. So I am going to stick it to fear, take God’s hand and trust Him to lead me into His plan for me.

Am I scared? Hell yes!! But I do know that I don’t want to live a life always wishing and wondering ‘what if?’, or get to a ripe old age and life the rest of it with regrets for not listening to my gut and taking that risk, for not taking the plunge.

I would love to hear from you guys who have taken the plunge and quit their jobs, or also debating whether it is the right decision to take for yourself right now. Leave a comment below. I am all eyes and ears!

Peace, love and blessings,

Ohemaa Beauty xo


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