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Tantrum like no other!

Hey lovely ladies and gents! How are ya doing? I do hope the week has been kind to you so far and you are all getting your grind on this new month of August.

So, to my tale of the week. I made a mental note this summer to try and make sure that my son will have new experiences, undivided attention from me and days out that he could go back to nursery and brag about. Sounds like a plan doesn’t it? Well, today my plan was originally to go on a bus tour of London, but the weather did not quite have the same idea so we had to switch it up. Next on my list was a trip to the local farm (Surrey Docks farm), so that we could actually see the animals we always sing about in ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’. Great! My day was sorted location wise and now it was just a case of getting two very young children out of the house at a decent time.

After a few delays with the usual things (lunches, bag prep, nappy changes etc.), we finally made it to the farm and my son was very much excited. He managed to recognise quite a few of the animals and wasn’t scared to pet them either, which I was a bit surprised about. Then everything took a 180 degree turn.

He saw the café and decided he was hungry right there and then and had to eat. Now I had plans to finish the evening off with a little trip to Nando’s,  but he was not in the mood to wait. After spend a good few minutes trying to convince him that we were going to have chicken else where, I gave in and went into the café. He settled for an ice-cream and I thought I had gotten through that mini moment. I was soooo wrong! Once he had eaten the bulk of the ice-cream he started again with ‘mummy, I want more ice-cream.’ That was it! I had to put my foot down and get us all out of there before things escalated any further, but he was one step ahead.

By the time we had left the farm, my son had reached full on tantrum point. Screaming, crying, snotting, throwing himself around, the full works. He managed to squeal at the top of his lungs all the way to the bus stop, getting off the bus and the majority of the journey home in the car. Have you ever experienced that kind of embarrassment where everyone is looking at you as to why your child is screaming at the top of their lungs in public? That was me today. All I could do was to avoid as much eye contact as possible with everyone, keep on walking and hope that my son would stop. This tantrum today topped all others that I have ever experienced and sadly I know it won’t be my last!

 My ears are still ringing from all the crying today and all I can think of right now is a nice long soak and a chilled glass of Rekordelig cider as my alone mummy time. I tell you, my son really put me through my paces today and I even contemplated dropping him at his grandma’s so that I could get some peace and quiet, but I decided against it as it would be more detrimental to me.

You just have to love children. They really know how to push your buttons, test your patience and play around with your sanity. In the end though I couldn’t imagine life without my children. They are my world.

Ever been in that type of situation? Would love to hear your stories and experiences. How do you deal with your little one’s tantrums? Get in touch and spread the love with your friends and family. Don’t forget to like and share!

Till next time,

Ohemaa Beauty xo



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