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When life teaches you a few lessons…

So, it has been a while since I uploaded a post here. Things got a bit hectic which tied me up in some sorts. It has been an interesting few weeks but I am back and ready to power on!!!

You know when you are so fed up of your current situation that you look for a way out? To reach that point of satisfaction and sense of comfort that you are where you want to be? That was me. I had been working in the finance industry for close to 6 years and was downright fed up with it. I had plans to start my own mobile beauty business and decided to join a company that offered such a role in the beauty industry. My intention was to get a feel of the business dynamics, see how it worked and what it would actually be like once I took the plunge and started up on my own.

Everything looked and sounded good and I was very much excited about the prospect of leaving the finance world and starting a whole new career in the beauty industry. However, life had different ideas for me! I got myself set up and ready with all my products and equipment and officially started working at the beginning of July. Only problem was, I did not anticipate how much my role under  business (that can send you last minute bookings) would affect family dynamics (childcare issue :s).

My very first client was the biggest chatterbox I had ever encountered and she would not stop talking throughout the entire treatment! I mean she could literally talk for Britain! Not to mention it was hot as hell and I was literally melting while trying to maintain a professional composure. It was a disaster, but she loved the end result. I guess that was a plus, as I ended up spending way more time than I should have due to her constant yapping and questions!

My second and last client might I add was lovely. I was adamant about doing the client as it was a male client – something I have never done before. He literally wanted his whole body waxed minus the nether regions, so you can imagine why I hesitated before taking it on. Fast forward to the treatment day and all was going well till I set of in my trusty Nissan Note and hit typical peak time traffic in London. I ended up having to pass through the congestion zone (management were not impressed) and got to the client a bit later than anticipated. The client was lovely about the delay and we got all the stuff needed in the house and started. Half way through I hit the biggest wall ever! You could imagine my horror when my big spatulas ran out and I still had his arms to wax!!!! Have you ever tried to perfom a wax treatment on a large area with lollipop sticks??? Well, that was the only choice I had and I was praying that he would not notice. Poor man!

After that appointment I started to realise that my business model and the company I had chosen to work for did not coincide. I rather struggled with their demands which made life very awkward with childcare and managing my day to day affairs. Not to mention my mum was getting quite annoyed that her grandkids were literally with her 24-7.

So what did I learn from the experience?

  1. Don’t rush into just any opportunity that presents itself. Take your time. Figure out how it will work for your self and family set up (if you have your own family). Not all opportunities that come our way are meant to be grabbed.
  2. Get ORGANISED!!! I tried to organise myself and stay on top of things but creating lists in your mind or letting a minute or two slip in your schedule can have detrimental effects on your whole day. Write lists down on paper and stick to all schedules unless something serious throws everything out the window.
  3. Don’t let one ‘bad’ experience put you off pursuing your dream. In life we live and we learn. No one is perfect and no situation is perfect either. When you have a dream it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice to make it a reality. Few are willing to put in the work but many want to reap the fruits of what they did not sow. Keep pushing, you will get to where you are aiming for at the right time.

So there it is. A little summary of my month of July. I hope I made you giggle at least and you were also able to take something away from my experience. After all, we are all here to learn from one another.

Until next time….

Ohemaa Beauty xo


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