Tell me, WHAT is really RIGHT with the world today…???

2 black men killed in 24 hours. One common denominator. They died at the hands of policemen. Why is this becoming our everyday reality???

When I first saw the edited video of Alton Sterling being killed, I was shocked but a part of me unfortunately had become numbed with regards to police brutality among black men as it seems to be becoming a norm. However, then I saw the raw footage of the actual struggle between Alton Sterling and the police and how they shot him straight in the chest. All that blood gushing out. He, still trying to hold onto the life the police so evidently wanted gone. My heart shattered. It skipped a beat and just did not feel like it beat its normal rhythm all day.

Then I heard about a second case. I was slightly confused at this point, as I thought it was still a part of Alton Sterling’s case, but sadly I was mistaken. Within 24 hours, the police had struck again. Philando Castile was shot, again at close range with his girlfriend and a 4 year old witnessing this attack. Why is this happening? What have all the innocent black people done to deserve their lives and liberties being taken away from them so cruelly. My heart aches!

Our people have been subject to capture, harassment, physical violence and abuse, slavery, segregation and a whole lot more over so many years. To think that greats before us such as Martin Luther King Jr, the NAACP, Malcom X and others fought so that black people could be seen as equal human beings with rights, have equal opportunities to their peers and a right to live peacefully in a country so evidently divided is being undone today, before our very eyes. This is not right, it simply is not fair!

Our black community is under attack and I just do not understand it. Is it because we are finally realising our worth, celebrating our achievements and standing proud of who we are? Is it because we are working to build our communities and families up and trying to give back for the greater good of society? What have these black men done that was so wrong that the police, the very people that are supposed to ‘defend and protect’ are the ones slaughtering our people like they are cattle to be thrown away. We bleed the same blood like everybody else, we have families just like everybody else, we have dreams and goals just like everybody else but from what I am seeing, none of that matters.

It is so ironic that the very people that are being killed today are the same people that the majority get their influence from, want to look like, dance like, make music like, be like and so much more. Is that all what the black community is good for? The black community are NOT a second class citizens and getting rid of our men is simply not on.

What happens when you kill a black family man? His family, his children grow to hate and distrust the police departments and systems, especially if justice is not served. You take him away from his family and you have most likely taken away the breadwinner of the family. You have also just taken away a role model for the children he has unwillingly left behind. That then puts the family at a disadvantage, leaving them to struggle and most likely turn to the wrong paths in life, as the person who would have taught them wrong from right has been taken away from them. When the children then fall into a life of crime, who do the police and governments blame? The parents. But lets remember, the police took one of the parents out of the equation by taking his life. Then it just becomes a cycle. Is this now the acceptable standard? Is that what the black community are expected to accept as their reality?

What is the U.S government doing??? What is the judicial system doing??? These police officers get off scot free for virtually murdering innocent people, get to go back to their lives as if nothing happened and the families are left with so much pain, burden and broken hearts. Yes the black community needs to stand up to make a difference, but I also know the government and judicial systems need to wake up and open their eyes. This is happening under their very noses and they are doing NOTHING!!!!! The black community already feels singled out. Don’t fail them when they need support the most.

Black men don’t deserve this, black women don’t deserve this, BLACK PEOPLE don’t deserve this. It is time for the powers at the top to sit up and stand up for the black community because they are under attack.

I am a black woman with a son and a daughter. I really pray that this is not the life we are exposing them too as their future normality and the society we are leaving for them when we are gone. Something has to change. Something has to give. Individuals need to be held accountable and not verdicts like ‘self-defence’ given as a final rule.

Just my thoughts on the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

God help us to unite in love, respect and peace.


Ohemaa Beauty


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