Skin deep

Hello beautiful people! How are you all doing? I hope those of you who are in London are praying with me for a change in the weather. I mean are we actually going to have a summer?! To those in sunnier climes, I wish I was there!

Today, I am going to be talking about skincare. Since my early teens my skin has been for the most part ‘clear’ with a few spots here and there. I did however develop a rash like acne on both my cheeks in my early teems, which calmed down over time.

My skin type is combination/oily, depending on the time of year. As I have grown older, my skin has also changed, with pimples making  more frequent appearances, especially around that time of the month and if I start eating really bad. I got very much fed up with having to keep changing skin care products and cleansers because nothing would work for more than 3/4 month and I would be forced to look for something new to combat my problem areas. On my quest for alternative skin care and I came across oil cleansing and natural skin care. I wouldn’t say my skincare is 100% natural but by incorporating some methods it has helped to calm my recent ‘skin tantrum’ episode and smoothen my skin.


(A selection of oils I use for night time skincare)

So, for my night time routine I use the oil cleansing method, where I apply a warm, dampened face towel over my face to open the pores. Then I use a choice of oils (jojoba oil and castor oil) to massage into the skin. Once I am  thoroughly done massaging the oils in, I use the face towel to wipe off the oil and apply my moisturiser of choice (preferably an oil). This method not only adds moisture to the skin but helps to draw out the build up in pores without being abrasive or harsh. It’s also a great makeup remover 😀


(Coffee scrub: Coffee grounds, Avocado oil, Almond oil, jojoba oil, brown sugar)


(Night time prep with my coffee scrub)

In addition to that, I have been using a homemade coffee scrub to exfoliate the dead skin cells away. I discovered this scrub recipe by accident on YouTube and I must admit it has been a wonder worker. It leaves my skin baby smooth and silky soft. What more can a girl ask for aye?

seaweed mask

Last but not the least, to give my skin an added boost and draw out those stubborn impurities that cause me to get pesky spots is the Body shop seaweed clay mask. This product helps to refresh my face and take out the last of the impurities. The clay not only helps to draw out impurities, but also absorbs the excess oil from the skin which is very good for combination skin. It was actually recommended to me by one of the ladies who worked in the shop. Since trying it, it has definitely become a staple in my skin care regimen.

I am still on the hunt for a face wash that I like for the day time so I am very much open for suggestions. Leave me your suggestions and holy grail products that you swear by down below in the comments box. I would love to try something new and is tried and tested by the beauty/skincare fanatics out there.

Have a blessed weekend and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do ;D

yours truly,


Ohemaa Beauty xo



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