Mummy Time

Caught in the motions.


In all honesty, today has been one of those days…. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I just haven’t felt right all day. My emotions have been all over the place, but still I have tried very hard to push through and trust that God’s plan is best and His spirit is leading my every move.

I listened to First Lady Sarah Jakes Roberts sermon this morning, that she preached for her father’s birthday celebrations and boy did she preach a word! ‘Empty Handed.’ That was the sermon’s title. Now I tend to be quite selective when listening to sermons but I really need a word of encouragement this morning so I clicked and listened.

What did I learn? That life will always throw you challenges/lions that will sometimes come unexpectedly. We won’t always have the tools readily available to fight those challenges or overcome those lions, but if we are still, for just a moment and really tap into God, we will realise that His spirit is upon us. He will equip us with everything we need to come out on top without us even realising it sometimes and in those moments we must appreciate that we have a Father who really does look out for His children.

So after hearing that sermon, I committed my day to the Lord and went on even though I still did not feel one hundred per cent. I realise though that not everyday is going to be full of happiness and laughter but the days like today are meant to remind you of life itself. The rawness of it, the frailty of it and that we should not become complacent but rather meaningful in our walks/discoveries of our purpose.

What do you do to escape when you feel out of sorts? How do you overcome feeling down and out? Whatever it is, always remember that it only lasts for a while. A new joy is on its ways and you will feel renewed again.

God’s blessings to you this week!


Ohemaa Beauty xo



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