Brains & Beauty

So you think you are in love now….?


Remember your first ‘love’?  How old were you? I’m sure you thought that it would last forever and you would go on to live in bliss. I was 15 when my first ‘love’ came into my life. We met at a wedding which added to the buzzing feeling you get when you meet someone new, who gives you some attention. It was fun hanging out with him, learning about his background and life, but I entered a relationship I had no business in.

I know what it feels like when that boy/guy you like starts to take interest in you and give you attention. It feels good. You get butterflies, feel all giggly and can never seem to stop smiling when you think of them. They make you laugh, you enjoy their company and feel like it will last forever. However, it doesn’t last forever and unfortunately and it is highly unlikely that he is ‘the one’ you will go through life with.

I thought my first ‘love’ would be my only love. We grew quite close in many ways and he even used to call me his ‘wifey for lifey’. We would go to parties and church together. We even made sure we went on holiday to Ghana at the same time so we could be together. All our friends knew we were together, but little did I know that it would end so bitterly and the memories and bond we had built over the time we were together would be completely broken.

Honestly, I should not have given that boy so much of myself, my time, my thoughts. Why? Because I was young, very naïve, and at a crucial point in my life. I was starting my GCSE’s and I just did not need that distraction and the relationship was a distraction indeed. It caused me to strain my relationship with my parents to some degree and as time went on and I entered my A-level’s, giving so much attention to this boy meant that my grades suffered as a result. I did not achieve my best potential because I was not completely focused on my studies and it is something I wish I could go back in time to change but I can’t. It is definitely a lesson learned though and some wisdom I hope to pass on to the upcoming generation who may find themselves in a similar situation or  point in their lives.

Education is very important and when you are young, no boy is EVER worth more than your opportunity to be great. You have all the time in the world to find your true love, but you have limited time when you are young to learn and perfect your skills and strengths that will be under your belt for life. Love will come when you are not looking for it. It comes unexpected and usually in a way you don’t expect or imagine. When it is right, you won’t doubt it or wonder if what you are doing is right, because love is always sure. To my young ladies in school, enjoy this time in life, in school, in college. Enjoy being young and free. It’s a time you will never get back and there is so much to learn and experience besides boys/guys. They aren’t going anywhere and if it is meant to be, your paths will cross again. For those of you who have already been in ‘love’ and had your heart broken, I apologise. I know it hurts, but that hurt will pass and you will bounce back bigger and better. Just hold your head up and grab all the opportunities you can. You were made to be GREAT! God has big plans for you and He is Love, so when He is ready for you to experience it, God will bring your ‘true love’ your way.

Have a blessed weekend,


Ohemaa Beauty xo


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