Brains & Beauty

Do what you love, love what you do!

From a very early age, the elder people in my life made it very much known that education came first above everything else. My father once said to me that if I wanted to discuss anything with him, it should be about education. Anything else, he was not interested. A bit harsh you may think, but he was only looking out for his children’s futures and progress. I loved learning while in secondary school. Especially subjects such as History, Mathematics and Religious Studies. Learning about facts, proven methods of calculation and past events fascinated me and I enjoyed it. I even went on to study one of my most favourite subjects of all time at A Level – Sociology. This was a subject that I not only enjoyed, but was very good at and should have taken it into my further studies, however it did not happen so.

Against the words of my ‘wise’ Sociology teacher and with pressure from my parents, I went to university to study a degree (Financial computing BSc) that I knew nothing about and frankly was not really interested in. I originally chose to study Business Management at Brunel university, which I thought was what I should study as it had been always mentioned in discussions with family, especially my parents. Little did I know God did not want me to take that path. I went to the U.S. for a holiday after exams were done and the night before results day I just could not sleep. Now can you imagine an 18 year old who is sleep deprived, shaking in her boots like she is having withdrawal symptoms akin to someone who is on crack, all because she is shit scared of what her results would be. That was me. Then the dreaded call came after hours of watching the night pass and  those dreaded results were in. Sociology (B), History (D) and Economics & Business (D). My world shattered! I felt like I had fallen into a massive hole of failure!! I was disappointed in myself, my parents were disappointed in my results and I felt like there was no other path I could take to make it in life. That is how I ended up studying a course that I absolutely hated, had not passion for and was failing miserably.

Fast forward to now, I am at a place where I have realised that sometimes you have to do what you love and really love what you do. For me, this means if I excel at a particular subject or in a particular task, take hold of that and own it. Put one hundred percent of you into perfecting your skills. Desire to be the best at it and your passion for it will shine through. Your hard work will get you noticed and if it doesn’t, then keep pressing forward till you knock down those doors of opportunity that are shut. When you  love what you do it is a lot easier to excel at it, than to do something just because it is expected of you or because you want the approval of others. I have been there and done it. It made me miserable, confused and I was always doubting myself. If I had listened to my teacher and my gut and studied Sociology at university,  I am sure I would have enjoyed the last part of my formal education and gain even more experience through that journey.

If it is art you love, do it with passion. If it is Geography you at good at, do it with love. What ever you are good at put you heart in to it. Not many jobs require you to have studied a particular subject at university, but what assists you along your way in life, especially working life, is having transferable skills that you have picked up along your way through study and experiences and being able to apply them to the situations that you encounter in the future. What ever your choices, please know that education is important and the older people in your life do genuinely want the best for you with all their ‘nagging’. Communicate with those around you and discuss your strengths and areas you struggle with, but always be true to your heart. Nothing good comes easy. So remember, whatever your choice is, you will have to work extremely hard to make that dream/vision a reality. Nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Remember that!

Keep pressing forward. It will all be worth it in the end. Just know that there is beauty in learning.

Ohemaa Beauty xoxo



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