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Dear Younger Me….

dear younger me


The beauty in growing is not just in making mistakes, but learning how to navigate your way through life while overcoming the twists and turn that come with it. ‘Dear younger me’ is a project that I have wanted to start for a while, as a means to helping the younger generation coming up, especially young girls.

Ever looked back over your younger years and wish there were moments and situations that could have been avoided? Me too! Growing up as a millennial in inner city London can be tough and I grew up in Peckham so I should know! If I had someone who I could have talked to, gone to for advice or pointed me in the right direction when I got into certain situations I really believe it could have made a big impact/difference in my life.

The teen years are one of the most hardest and confusing times in life. It is a time when you are becoming more aware of the world around you, learning about who you are as a person and defining your likes and dislikes. Not to mention good old puberty, peer pressure and sex. The combination of all these is definitely enough to drive anyone insane and it is no wonder we make a lot of mistakes as we grow. Don’t get me wrong, mistakes can serve a good purpose if a lesson is learned and not to be repeated but that isn’t always the case and this is where ‘Dear younger me’ comes in.

‘Dear younger me’ will be a series which will be dedicated to telling stories of experience which I hope will be able to reach out to the younger generation and give them tools and even some guidance on how to deal with/avoid certain situations while going through their journey to becoming an adult. I hope that it inspires and helps someone to stand up proud and confident in who they are and feel ready to conquer the world with their skills and talents.

Do you have any stories of experiences that you feel could help others? What words of wisdom would you give to your younger self? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Stay tuned for what is to come… I’m sure there will be plenty of laughs, some tears but most of all, inspiration to dare to dream and go for what you want.

So until the next post,

Blessings xoxo





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