Nails in a hurry.

Hello lovely ladies, gents and beauty enthusiasts! I hope you are all well. Today’s post is for you lovely ladies and those who are avid nail polish lovers.rimmel nail polish review

How many times have you done your nails, painted them to perfection and then very annoyingly smudged them whilst waiting for them to dry for like a decade? That was me all the time and with two young children, I got to the point of not even entertaining any colour on my fingernails as I know they will smudge before an hour passes.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across the new Rimmel 2 Step Super Gel Polish system in my local healthcare store (Superdrug). I was a little sceptical at first when I saw it as I thought it was too good to be true, but as a beautician and lover of beauty I decided to give it a try.

Now the system consists of a gel polish colour (Step 1) and a Top coat (step 2) and boasts of not even needing a base coat. The range comes in 18 colours, from pretty spring pastels to the deepest autumn berry colour, so there is something for everyone and a bonus is that it is super affordable at £5.99 each or £8.99 (in the UK) for a pack of two – one colour and one top coat.

I got the two pack with the colour Darling Dahlia, a rich red polish, perfect for anytime of year and any occasion. The colour pay off was extremely good even with one coat and it has a shine to it even with out the top coat on it. It is a bit thick in consistency but nothing that a careful hand cannot deal with. Once I applied the two coats of colour and the top coat, the polish took about 8- 10 minutes to dry and I was good to go! AMAZING!!!!



I was still afraid it would smudge afterward but it didn’t. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the result. This system does not need a UV light to cure and my manicure last about 2 weeks which is what Rimmel say of the product (Chip free nails for up to 14 days).

I was so impressed with the results on my fingernails that I had to go ahead and do a pedicure on my feet using the same colour. Now I don’t have the best looking feet but the colour sure did give them a ‘pick me up’. What do you think?


I know that a lot of the higher end nail brands will have a system similar to this (CND Vinylux and OPI Infinite Shine), however for a drugstore brand at the price point it comes in at, I think that Rimmel have done an outstanding job. A bonus is definitely that those who are watching the pennies or having to prioritise finances can still treat themselves to this system and look just as fly as ever!

Why not give it a try??!! I would love to hear your thoughts on the product and how it worked for you.

Till next time.

Blessings and love,


Ohemaa Beauty xoxo


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