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My TOWIE Experience!










Well…not quite TOWIE, but I did escape to Chelmsford, Essex. That counts, right?

Hello lovely ladies and gents!! The warmer weather that we are having though… I am thoroughly enjoy and appreciating it. I hope you are too!

As the title says, I had a little getaway break in Essex at the beginning of the month for some much needed rest and relaxation. I was craving some alone time, away from London and all the noise and busyness that it brings and Chelmsford seemed perfect.

A quick 30 minute train journey from London takes you to this little cosy town. Scenic views of fields and cattle on your journey take your mind off the rush of London, bringing realisation that there is life beyond the borders of the city.

I stayed a lovely hotel (Best Western Atlantic) just a few minutes walk from the town centre, but far away enough for me to enjoy some quiet time with my thoughts and books. The sleek and modern interior design of the hotel, with the warm ‘blue glow’ made it all inviting and some what intriguing. My room was very spacious for just myself with a massive bed. (I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that as I am always fighting for bed space with my two little munchkins :-)).

The people that I met were lovely and you could definitely hear a little Essex twang when some people spoke, just like a little reminder I was in a different part of the UK. Shopping, restaurants and the likes were all on my door step so to speak, not to mention the beautiful Catherderal that stood in all its majesty at the top of the town centre.

My trip to Chelmsford defintely gave me that time to relax, rest and recuperate. So now I am back, ready and with a new determination to face life head on and give it my all. After all, we only get one life. I am definitely ready to live mine to the full!

I would definitely recommend checking Chelmsford out for a little get away break or even for a day out. Either way, I am sure that you will enjoy the experience and who knows, you could catch the travel bug just like me!

Blessings and love,


Ohemaa Beauty xoxo



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