Just Being Mummy!

The straw that broke the camel’s back.


Today is one of those days where I have just had enough of screaming, demanding children and lazy siblings. I swear I look like the number in this pic today! I really want to just crawl into bed and pretend today didn’t happen.

Let’s rewind a tad bit. My mother was my childcare support all through my maternity leave but she has travelled to sunnier climes (Ghana), due to family and business. I am now relying on my sister and dad to help me with childcare while I go back to work – somehow not working well though.

I am having to look after two households (my own and my mum’s) while working and looking after my two little one’s. I am absolutely shattered! And today feels like the day which broke my (‘the camel’s) back.

This feeling prompted me to look into how other mothers faired working with two children to look after. It seems I am not alone. A lot of women seem to struggle with balancing work and two kids. The term ‘the straw that broke the camel’s back’, was used by one mother on a online mother’s forum and it seemingly resounded with almost all the others. Many have or contemplate resigning while others admit defeat but are still hanging on by their fingernails in hope of keeping that little bit of individual identity aside being ‘mummy’. Is there any real balance when you become a mum?

With all these things to juggle and sort out, I am sat wondering now, how long can I keep doing this for? Do I forego work and dedicated these crucial early years to looking after my children? Do I change jobs in hope that it will ease the strain? Are these even feasible options? I know I have a big decision ahead to make but it sure isn’t easy.

How do you mother’s out there balance work and children? Have any of you taken the decision to stop work to look after your kids full-time? I would love to hear some of your stories, which could help me in my own situation.


Hope you all have a blessed and stress free week ahead.


London mum on the go xoxo



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