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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…..

Hello my lovely ladies and gents!!! I do hope this festive season has been a merry and joyful one so far. For me, it is now a time which is all about the children in my life and giving them a happy Christmas.

It has also been a very reflective last month of the year for me so far. Thinking on the things I set out to achieve, the goals I planned to smash and path in which I wanted to direct myself on to. The biggest thing which has stood out to me and has been a constant flashing light is the fact that there will be many this time of year who will not have anyone they can surround themselves with and call family or a place that they can call home.

It is supposed to be the season to remember the most precious gift that God gave to us – His son, Jesus. We did not deserve that gift, but God saw it fit to give us His only begotten son. So, what are we giving to those who are less fortunate around us???

If each one of us just took a moment out of our time to reflect on how previledged we are, maybe we could use this special time of year to show our gratitude by helping our next fellow human, friend or neighbour with any you can. Could be time, financial, could be spiritual, could be a helping hand or a listening ear. Just look around you and see.

My new motto/mission statement going through this season is ‘Let it start with me’. I know what I will be doing to help this season, do you??

Anyway, I do sincerely hope that this festive season will be a wonderful one, filled with laughter, happiness, the festive spirit of giving and family for you all.

Enjoy and make merry!!

Until next time,

London mum on the go xoXo

(P.s. Let’s not forget that Christ is the reason for this season)


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