The day goes astray…..Play away

Hi guys and girls!!!

It has just been one of those days where the plans you make the day(s) before just go belly no matter how hard you try to keep to time and stay your mental track. I am soooo convinced that I am not supposed to exercise right now! No matter how hard I try to get to an exercise class or the gym, it just Never goes to plan!

Anyway, before i digress any more. With such an unsuccessful morning, I decided to come home and have a duvet day then I suddenly remembered that I bought the Maybeline ‘The Nudes’ palette and decided to have a little play in some makeup and see how the palette fairs. I am a sucker for new products that come out and always wanting try, so here goes.20151007_12133720151007_121424

Firstly, the palette consists of twelve shades of nudes, browns and gold. Six matte colours and the others are a shimmer. I was initially drawn to the palette because of the colours and thinking it would be versatile for day with the nudes and browns and could double up for the night – creating a smokey eye or adding a bit of glamour with the shimmer shadows. Another bonus to the palette is that three of the shadows can be used as highlighters and with all the ‘Strobing’ going on these days, who doesn’t like a two in one product ;D



So with the palette I decided to try a smokey eye which could be worn in the daytime. I did prep my eyes using a primer before starting and the results were ok. I didn’t have to majorly pack on the product to get a good colour pay off and the colour went on quite smoothly. The darker colours go when applied but once i started blending, the colour did somewhat start to sheer out a lot more than I expected. However, I found that it was quite nice for a daytime look. The shimmer/highlighter shadows were nice and subtle, Not so in your face and could be packed on for that ‘shine bright like a diamond’ look – if that is what floats your boat.


Overall, my first impression of that palette is that it is ok for a drug store brand. The colours are not as pigmented as some of the other brands out there but I am sure with some added water or MAC Fix+, you could get more out of the colours. It is a nice palette for the daytime with the various nudes and browns, which will suit an array of complexions. For £9.99 it is not bad. It is a workable palette which I think is better suited to the day. I am still yet to try out an evening look so I will update you all again when I do. If anyone has tried it do let me know your thoughts on it.

Until next time,

London mum on the go xoxo


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