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Hibernating in Spring :s

Good afternoon lovely people! – Well, here in London it has been grey for most of the day…..Nothing new there.

Being Sunday, my most top of the list thing to do is usually attend church but today I just did not feel like it. From the moment I woke up and heard the first person in the house enter the bathroom I knew I just didn’t want to leave the house today. However, my mum has a way of getting me to do things (it’s like she has a spell on me sometimes).

Anyway, with much hesitation and stalling I got ready and made my way with the family to church but it did not have the desired effect on me and did not manage to shift the somewhat stank mood I am in today.

It has been an ok week with the count down now on till my newest addition arrives. With baking and slowly putting last minute things together before I make that trip through the hospital doors I have been in quite an optimistic mood- till today that is.

I don’t know if it is the maternal instincts or nesting phase that I have read about on the numerous blogs and websites that I scour at those times when the dreaded insomnia strikes but at 38 weeks now, I just want to prepare for this new life that I am soon the welcome in my life, stay at home and get comfy and cosy. (A completely different reality with a boisterous two year old to entertain).

Anyway, as I count down and reflect, here are a few pics of what I have been up to on my maternity countdown.

20150414_110655[1]20150417_182331[1]   20150421_164931[1]20150425_100719[1]1. Doing rounds with my little munchkin

2. A craving induced spot of baking – I had been dreaming of them for a few days. Yum!

3. Joining the braid gang with my rope twist- more a style for convenience ;D

4. Tropical inspired smoothie to try and keep somewhat healthy in the last few weeks.

Have a blessed week!

With love as always,

London mum on the go xoxo


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