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Spring is in the Air….

Wow!! And with a blink it is April 1st. Where have the last three months disappeared to?

With a glimmer of sunshine this morning warming my face, I decided I would walk to take my son to nursery this morning rather than rush around and drive. What a glorious morning it proved to be. The air was warmish, the sun was shining in all its glory and the sky was blue for once (rather than the grey cast over we Londoners are so accustomed too).

It set the mood for my day and after a little R’n’R  (manicure and pedicure treat), I am feeling very quite happy and mellow. It was very much needed after plodding along for months with a growing belly and work plus a two year old to run after. So, it definitely has set the mood for my maternity leave and the feeling of spring/beginning of a new month (April) for me. Anyone else feeling this change??

Now though, I sit and wonder what I will spend the next few weeks getting up to while I countdown to the surprise of my new arrival. Any suggestions for adventures on maternity leave?? Would love to hear some of your thoughts and suggestions.

It’s a new month, a new day, with endless opportunities to be explored. Life is full of surprises around every corner. Cease it all and make the most of every moment. Life on Earth is only but once. Make it count.

with spring love,

London mum on the go xoxo


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