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Lost in the London hustle of Life….

Hello World!!!

It has been very long overdue posting on here for me! For those who live and work in London and other big cities around the world, I am sure you are all to familiar with getting caught up in the ‘rat race’, as it is sometimes referred to, of work, family and life in general. I have completely been consumed by it and all that comes with it and some how managed to let it get on top of me. However, I have had a moment to sit back, reflect and reassess the areas that are most important, need the most attention and making a conscious effort to bring some balance back into my life.

A lot has been changing and evolving around and with me. I currently sit here typing this at 32 weeks pregnant with my second blessing and through the months, thinking of how I will manage life with two children under 3 years old! This process has really made me think about provision and family and love and making sure that I can give them (my children)  the best of me while staying true to who I am.

I find myself thinking more and more about creating that essential balance between work and family life and questioning if I am truly satisfied with the stage I find myself at right now. I don’t know if any mothers or mothers-to-be can relate with that train of thought?? I know with certainty that I would like to do more for myself and my growing family but also have fun and enjoy doing what ever it is that will keep a happy equilibrium.

How can I achieve this?? Well, with much slogging through my thoughts and exploring what I was passionate about before I started my family has made me realise it is very easy to get caught up with being the ‘adult’, paying bills, expenditures, routines and keeping things ‘stable’. As some would put it, just being a responsible adult. I can honestly say I have fallen victim to this and find that it is not bring in that happy equilibrium I am looking for, but who is to say you cannot be a responsible adult and have fun doing it??!! My first love was Fashion and designing. How did it take such a big back seat in my life?? I am most happy when I get to play in Make-up and learning new tricks and skill through Youtube. These feel like little luxuries to me and rightly so I guess as a parent of a demanding 2 year old ;). It shouldn’t mean that I neglect these things so that I am ‘just a parent’.

Who is to say that you cannot be a parent and work in the area/ industry you love, are passionate about and will help to give you that balance that you look for in life?? I have let that notion of being ‘a parent’ first before anything hold me back but that is ALL about to change.

I am taking my life back! Making it what I want it to be, while holding my family at the center of my values. When parents are happy, the children are happy and that is exactly what I intend for myself and my children. It is very important to take a moment to sit down and do a self-assessment of your life and all the areas within it. It brings clarity and purpose out of the confusion and stress. I urge you all to do it once in a while through out the year. I am sure you will come out feeling better, thinking better and ready to take on the world!

So watch this space! See that evolution begin.

As always,

London mum on the go xoxo


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