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New Year, New Beginnings…

Firstly, Happy New Year!!!!

Although I am a few days late, which I do apologise for. Life just somehow got on top of me toward the end of 2014 and it has taken me a while to get back on track.

It has been a while since I have ventured to this little blog of mine to post anything really, but I have resolved to be more organised this year, go for what my heart desires (goals and dream) and to put God Almighty at the centre of everything I do.

I know everyone enters the New Year with a list of resolutions that they would like to put into practise or effect but do we ever stick to that long list? I know I am guilty of creating a long list of resolutions and being fed up by week two because I have broken most of them.

I never thought I could have a year like I did in 2014, going through so many ups and downs, challenges and experiencing some of the most intense emotions that we humans can go through. However, it taught me a few lessons along the way and made in some ways a stronger person.

A few things I can share for us to take into and carry through 2015 are:

  • Love really does hurt when things go wrong but it also makes everything right.(1 Cor 13:4 )

I was ready to walk away from love because it hurt too much at certain times and never took the time to look at situations from more than my own angle. Because of this I caused myself and those who were dear to me unnecessary heartache and hurt. Love does hurt,  yes, but if you believe in it and its what God wants for you then it is definitely worth working through and fighting for.

  • Never let anyone make you feel like you cannot achieve your purpose and destiny.

We all grow up wanting to be a particular type of professional or artist or whatever, but as we grow, we realise that we were created for a purpose and we have a destiny to fulfill. I believe have all been given talents and gifts by God in which we are expected to use them to better ourselves, our communities and to make positive changes in the world. Others may not understand your craft or your work but never let that be an excuse to push your dreams aside to please them. God gave you that vision, so go for it!

Lastly, life is very short. Appreciate all you have, those that are in your life and be thankful in all things. (Phil 4:6)

2014 made me realise what a vapour life actually is and if God feels that it is your time to depart this earth there is nothing that can change His will. We just have to be ready in our hearts and our minds and our souls. I lost a friend very unexpectedly to horrible circumstances and almost lost another who defied the odds of death and was given another chance to fulfill their purpose on earth. Both situations made me ponder and think very deeply about life but also changed my outlook. When we are children life seems like forever but when you reach adulthood you realise it is nothing at all. A thousand years on earth are like a day unto God. He has blessed us with so much, the most important being life itself. Lets not waste it but make it count.

Hope these few points resonate with you in some way and if anything you can take a little something away from it.

Have a blessed year and lets make it a purposeful and wonderful one!!!

Till next time,

London mum on the go xoxo


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