Old Posts

It has been a while since I have posted here! I’m sure you mums out there (almost everyone actually) know how a busy family and work life can take over your day or time.

With all sort happening around and with me I have not had much time for just being ‘me’ and taking some good old time out to do things that are of interest to me, such as writing here. A lot has happened with my son’s baby/toddler transition though which made me think, does he really like me?

Don’t get me wrong, I know I am his mum and there is a natural bond there between the two of us but yesterday he actually refused to come home when it was time to leave grandma’s house. I shouldn’t have, but I did take it quite personal that my own son would prefer to stay at grandma’s house than come home with me.

Now my mum does a fantastic job when looking after my son while I am at work and my brothers and sister love to play and entertain him. This I am truly grateful for, but it did make me wonder if I give my son the attention he really needs and deserves, whether I play enough with him or spend enough time with him at all.

It shouldn’t get to me so much but it did and I felt like I was losing him in a sense and I felt slightly unloved by him. I know they go through phases and I have had my fair share with him (trust me) but I’m only human, right?

Anyway, I just have to get over it and find ways I can entertain him more and spend more time with him so that I don’t seem like the ‘scary cookie monster’ he doesn’t want to go home with.

Feel free to post any suggestions ior tips with toddlers and such issue as I described.

Until next time,

London mum on the go xoxo


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