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What a day!


Currently sat on my bed, my lamp shining dimly with a glass of Baileys on ice, reflecting on my day.
The first statement that comes to mind is: What a day!!!!

I work in a face to face environment within the finance industry and some of the customers I encounter are enough to make you want to send a fly kick their way. However, one must always possess composure and be professional. I must admit this is very hard at times.

The stressess of work and my son starting to go through the terrible two’s phase, with tantrums and numerous crying outbursts (I have endured 3 so far this evening), are enough to make me want to scream and go and hide for a moment. I guess every mum has moments like these, but seeing him smile and laugh at ‘Pocoyo’ as I try to calm him down and suss out what the actual problem is gives me the warm, loving feeling you get when you see a child happy.

I doubt I will be sleeping anytime soon as I am dying for a soak in the bath (will probably have to settle for a shower), my partner is immersed in the World Cup on tv and my son is room hopping and fighting sleep.

Thank God tomorrow is my day off! I sooooo need it.

Anyway, for now, to all a good night and a good night to all.

Peace and love

London mum on the go ❤


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